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Hi, my name is Madison! I'm 5'4" of sweet and sarcasm. Based in Los Angeles, California, I continue to work and grow with the lovely acting coach, Tess Kirsch. 

I'm a proud alumna at the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music (CCM). Yeah! Ohio! Growing up in Chicago, truly a city gal, I've worked with professional theaters such as: A Red Orchid Theater, Piven Theater and American Theater Company. Additionally, I took summer courses at Lookingglass Theatre Company and Second City Chicago. 

When refueling, I enjoy learning new things, reading, writing, trips to the movie theater, time alone, working out, live music, all things outdoors, and attempting to keep my streak on Duolingo. 



I was born and raised in Chicago, IL

I'm in the queer community

I'm a fire sign

My family dog is named after George Clooney


My dream is to be in a period piece film/television series

Guilty Pleasure TV Show:

MTV's The Challenge


I'm a fraternal twin


I was raised by a single mother

I started out in Musical Theater at age 8

I'm a fiercly loyal friend

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